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Dear Bankers, Finance Professionals and Investors,

Everybody agrees that daily formalities, procedures, and extreme pressure we go through raise the necessity to break the misconception about tiresome professionals from banking industry.

"The Geneva Forex Event" is breaking misconceptions about us - bankers and this magnificent city. It appears as a great solution to bring a fresh airstream and to make a change needed every now and then.

So the idea is simple: to create a monthly meeting point to follow up on current events, to network and to establish Public Relations, and to be present among the elite in a relaxed atmosphere. Let's come together in a place that one guest called "my Thursday Party"!

The time is here for a special evening amongst fellow colleagues of the financial system, their companions and all those who are interested in joining us to find and to create business opportunities, or simply to have a good time.

The monthly Party starts at 18:30 on Thursday (check the event calendar on the web-page), but we cannot tell at what time it actually stops. If you are up to it, simply register and check for the availability.

Leave your office and join us; take a chance to relax while doing business... Because we - bankers never stop working.

We welcome you from downtown Geneva, we welcome you from Switzerland, we welcome you from abroad.

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